And I'm so relieved to see so many familiar faces still hanging around.
I think it's been about a year so I'll try to do a quick catch up...
You may remember that we had a big administration change summer before
last. The new guy was here a week and decided he didn't like Novell so
he was going to rip out everything (Zen, GW, NW, etc) and replace with
the MS, for lack of a better word, equivalent. Anyway, it was a huge
mess but we were almost completely over to MS by Easter. He added
several bullets to his resume then skipped town by June. Fun, Fun, Fun.

The good news is I recently accepted a job (yesterday was my first day)
at that other large University in the triangle. You know, the one with
the basketball team that likes to pretend they're in the same league as
Carolina and wears a less than flattering shade of blue? Great
benefits, decent salary, and best of all they still have a large Netware
presence. I'm also thrilled to report that on Nov 25th we welcomed our
second child Aaron into the world, three weeks early, but perfectly healthy!

Anyway, it's great to be back!!!