Here's a quick question for the OES2 Linux / NCP folks...

What is the maximum size volume I can make available on my network using
the NCP server under OES2 Linux?

I realize that NSS maxes out at 8TB, but I can create a REISER filesystem
of at least 16 TB and make it available through the NCP server. Does the
NCP server under OES2 Linux have the same max volume limitation as NSS?
Is the XP client similarly limited? IOW - what is the largest volume I
can make available to my NCP clients under OES2?

Netware still blows limux away for performance! Unfortunately it looks
like 6.5 SP7 is the last bare metal release, so its high time to prepare
for the inevitable. I know my limits with Netware are 8TB NSS Volumes.
I'm hoping that the linux OES2 platform might at least give me some
tangeable benefits for my customers (and speed ain't one of them!)...

The smallest file server we sell is 7TB so this is more than just a
question of curiosity...

Ed Van Every