I installed Novell Client 4.91 SP4 on a Windows XP SP2 machine a few days
ago. We are running the latest Netware and service pack on the server. I
have searched and searched and cannot find the answer. All 400 computers
are mixed between win2k and XP pro and there have never been any problems
with Novell Login upon bootup. Now, I am preparing 5 machines (Dell,
older model) with Win XP Pro SP2 and after installing a clean copy of XP
and then the Novell Client, the machine still boots right into windows
completely bypassing the Novell login screen. I have changed the advanced
login for intitial login to Novell over and over (off/on) and have
rebooted 20 times over the past two days. No matter what I do, the
machine starts up and logs right into Windows like I was turning on my
home computer. I have read the KB and everything and can't find my
answer. I even deleted the registry for Novell and imported a working
Novell registry entry from a working XP computer. I asked my tech support
and they cannot figure it out.

I have uninstalled 4.91 sp4 and reinstalled 4.91 sp2, which is what all
the other 400 machines are running.

I have read TID 10069311 but am already home for the day and will have to
verify those settings tomorrow. I don't know what else to do.