This is from 2006, but I just found it today:

43. Bill Gates

Charges: Became the richest man in the world through intellectual
thievery, stealing Windows and every other software package he ever made
a billion on. Microsoft's internal slogan with regard to competitors is
"embrace, extend, and exterminate." As founder and co-chair of The Bill
& Melinda Gates Foundation, he's fighting global poverty and disease by
investing in corporations that are the source of global poverty and
disease. According to the L.A. Times, The BMGF has over $9 billion
invested in companies whose activities contradict the foundation's
stated mission.

Exhibit A: So cheap he downloads pirated movies and still won't pay for
a decent haircut.

Sentence: Spanked in the Mall of America food court by Steve Jobs and
the guys from Netscape.

The other 49 entries are good too, but providing a link would get me
thwacked. Just Google "beast loathsome 2006".