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Posted this in reply to a message from two years ago, but wanted to refresh the question.

I've got an OES 1 sp2 box (SLES 9 sp3) that I want to set up for a file server for both Windows clients (with the 32bit Novell client) and Linux clients (Fedora Core).

The goal is for both types of clients to be able to access the volume containing the files.

If I set the file system up as ext3 or reiser, and use NCP to share the file system to the 32bit clients, and export the filesystem via NFS, all is well.

However, we want to be able to utilize some of the NSS benefits, such as salvage, and other bits.

When I set up the file system as NSS, and then export it via NFS, I cannot mount the file system from my Fedora Core clients.

I've seen the tip about exporting with the fsid option - been there, done that. That got around the first error I was getting (permission denied).

On Fedora Core 2, which is what I really need to mount this with, I get "mount: Not a directory"

On Fedora Core 5, I can get the mount to succeed, but accessing it yields a stale NFS handle.

Has anyone successfully been able to export, and then mount an NSS volume from a SLES 9 server via NFS?


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