NW65SP6 After an ATW Migration we are having a problem printing to a Canon
IR5000 copier. The printer appears as being idle via NDPS Manager but when
you print to it from Groupwise or send a word doc two entries are sent to
the printers log. One shows OK for the result ( we can hear the tray
going) but the next entry shows an NG for the result, and nothing prints.
I'm guessing NG means no good or no go. We are at the latest NDPS patch.
I have deleted and recreated the NDPS printer agent, tried different
drivers, still no luck. The site has 15 other NDPS printers that are
working just fine. You can print to the printer setting it up as an IP
printer or directly to a pc. IKON tech has come out and said it's not the
printer. I don't know what else to try, any ideas?