does anybody know how to present only some printers to a user when there are a lot of Printers on a citrix server?
We wanted to grant group rights to the printers with SETACL for the visibility of the printers

Or does anybody know a way to change the printername?
We need that for changing group rights with SETACL (version2) on a citrix environment.

On first glance this question looks and you would probably say iprint.ini and shortname..

but then you are faced with the following:

Printername shows fine in spooler, but Registry comes up with (e.g.):

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Print\Printers\,,F9,F0CLP010

(where "F9" is the shortname in iprint.ini and "F0CLP010" is the Printers Name)

Within this registry key you find the attribute:
NAME which is filled wit the Value "\\F9\F0CLP010"
And this is what we need to change!
This is where SETACL breaks (the backslashes..) when we set rights..

WHY is there an UNC-Name in there?
HOW can we change it.
IS there a workaround on citrix to present only "some" printers to the user