Had an inordinate amount of grief with PC Connection over an order for some
MS licensing. Jumped through all their hoops, dealt with all the sales
weasels. Wasted over a month on trying to get my order out of them.

Got fed up and found out the janitor's email address. Very politely
explained to him that I live in Minnesota and that I had already picked out
a nice 40" section of knot free 2 x 4 and was fixing to start driving to New
Hampshire collecting frozen road kill skunks for use with the 2 x 4 and
would he please go see the president of the company to spare me the
necessity of the trip and the sales staff a trip to the proctologist for
skunk removal.

I gave up on the janitor too soon, cancelled the order and credit card
charges yesterday. Today, the email from MVLS finally comes with my
licenses and D/L info. I know it was the janitor made it all happen, and
not my description to the king of the sales weasels of what my plans for the
skunks were, I just know that. I was probably way too nice to the sales
weasels and forgot to use a proper tone of voice and some of the language
the Navy taught me and they just completely missed how I fealt about having
to deal with them three times a week for a month and still no results. I
probably also forgot to use enough descriptive language when the king of the
sales weasels started peeing down his leg that he'd invested two hours into
trying to fix the problem for me to make him understand that my month of
thrice weekly efforts was without value to me as well. Maybe not, the VP
was extremely interested in knowing how I got good old Jim's name and email

Thank god for janitors. Thank You Jim G.!!!