Trying to upload Vista print drivers to a NW6.5sp7 server (note: IPX is
disabled on the server). I have installed the two necessary Microsoft
hotfixes to get the iPrint client installed on the Vista computer (Vista
Ultimate). I have fixed the missing "Vista" tab in iManager 2.7. When I
try to upload a Vista printer driver to the Broker, I get a dialog box
"Add Printer" that says:

To use the printer iPrintUpload, you must install the corresponding
printer driver. To continue, click OK.

What does this mean? What is "iPrintUpload"? Is it a temporary printer
that iManager uses to upload the driver to the Broker? Do I need to
install the printer driver on Vista first, and then try to upload the
driver to the Broker? I did install the printer driver on Vista and I
still get this popup.

Is this what causes my second problem? I can click OK to continue and
iManager tries to install the driver but after about two minutes, it quits
with the following error:

Exception saving resource print drivers configuration.
NDPS Library Error Category: 1060004h
Other Error: FFFFFC2Eh

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.