I have a big problem and no idea how to fix.
Installed an OES2 server over several days.
Installed Groupwise on it
Migrated whole data from other groupwise and also filesystem.
Patched the server always at current patchlevel.
Installed Backupsoftware.
Configured samba, dhc, dns and so on.
Server ran several days without problems. Also several reboots made no

Today I did a backup to the attached sdlt tape.
Also yesterday (without booting) I patched it again (but I think to
remember there was no kernel update).
Also I installed ISDN4...&capi rpms and sfftobmp, cause I planned to
install capisuite.
---Dont wonder about mass of installations, it's the server in my home
office, where I do lots of work for my company-

After the backup has finished I rebooted the server, 'cause I wanted the
isdn functions get active.

On booting up I found that the server no longer loads the network
card...Started searching, could find any errors.
Looking into hwinfo still shows the network card as available.

Also I have no more access to my DVD-drive.

Booting the machine with SLES-DVD starts from DVD, so hardware seems to
be ok.

Boot again doesn't help.
So I deleted the network card from yast but after reboot Yast find no
more network cards. But the server still shows the card, when starting

Also the backup software no longer finds the dlt under nst0 while hwinfo
shows the scsi controller and at boot time the adaptec shows the streamer.

Removed ISDN Controller and SCSI Controller, no help.

HWInfo doesnt show the cdrom drive.

Because of no network also several other modules wont start an I have no
more nss volumes mounted.

I have absolutely no idea what I should do now to get my server back