Hi all

Problem with Novell 5.1 and Sage Instant Accounts V11.01.0011

I have a client with a Netware 5.1 server with just four client PCs -
I installed this mid 2003, with all relevant patches available at that
time - on the server and the client - both Novell and Windows service
packs and patches.

I setup the network with XP SP2 PCs, which went well.

A few weeks ago I installed some replacement PCs, and all three
replacement PCs (and any other PCs I take along like my Dell GX260
with the 1GB network card), run about three times slower than the
original PCs I installed.

All PCs are XP pro SP2

I have tested all PCs with a selection of small and large files,
adding up to 50mb, and they all send and receive these at the same

I have turned file cache off and true commit on in the Novell client.

We have unloaded the virus protection software.

I have tried client versions and
(client with most recent SP4)

I have put an extra network card (an Intel 10/100 card) in one of the
new PCs - it is still slow with Sage.

I have setup a shared folder on one of the PCs, shared that folder
(windows networking), removed the novell client from a PC, installed
the Microsoft client, pointed it at the windows share, and it works
fine - much faster than the Netware server!


Has anyone got any suggestions? My favoured option now is to make a
complete system backup of one of the old PCs (the fast ones) and then
restore this to a new workstation. The old PCs are IDE and the new
are SATA so I can't just swap a disk over (what a pity!).

Any ideas anyone? I'm getting very tempted to walk away from Novell
at this stage ...


David Callaghan