Ok, at the risk of getting flamed as an (L)user, I need some help.

I was sitting in my virtual room on Sunday morning, enjoying a nice
cup of coffee, when my email program popped up telling me that I had
an E card, supposedly from someone I believed to be a friend.
(Yah I know... I've told all my users that they always 'look' like
they come from a friend)

Anyway... I clicked on the link.
Up pops my virtual front door, and the doorbell is ringing.
At first I ignored it, as I couldn't figure out how that bell had
managed to fix itself...it's been broken for two years.
But whoever was on the outside started to knock as well....

I clicked to open the virtual door...

Several waterfowl started quacking seasonal carols
I immediately slammed the door.
I was too late.... the little buggers knew this was a legitimate
address, and continued knocking.
Some of them were even peering in through the sidelight.
The constant knocking drew the attention of my wife, who after
commenting on the "cute little duckies" peering through the window,
opened the door again, and let them in.

We can't get rid of them..... We can't shut them up.
They've all had some hot cocoa, and eaten ALL my holiday crackers.
And they just won't go home.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Happy holidays to all, and (if the duckies quiet down)
to all a good night. }