I know you will answer.
After a couple of days of "playing", I don't see Zen 10 ready for
primetime YET.

I had 10 test machines, 5 with no prior version of zen and 5 with zen 7

All seemed to install fine, but only 4 would register with the zen10
server. Communication was not a problem on any of them.

because they can't register, DLU does not work and they are unable to login.

I was going to update to 10.0.1, but there is no way to do an inplace
update (that I can find) and the system update for this was removed as
per your TID.

I think Novell is on the right track with zen10, (except for snapshot
being killed off) but it just does not have the bugs worked out.

I hope they are soon.

For now, I think I will wait for SP1