Before I actually try migrating my existing servers to NOWS SBE, I wanted
to do a practice run using virtual machines, similar to training course
3077. However when I try to install eDirectory on the NOWS SBE machine
(Linux-DA1), it doesn't show up in the tree (ConsoleOne pointing to
Netware-DA2.) There was also a problem with SBE needing a 3 character
organization but DA is only two characters. I've tried 1) slc.da (won't
take), 2) da.slc (won't take), 3) edit script (on confirm settings screen)
to be "ou=slc.o=da", 4) create a new org (DACO), 5) try fresh Netware
instal on DA2 (need HAM files that I don't have), and 6) asking support on
an open incident for help (got none).

I had a similar (eDirectory) problem with the live enviro (Netware 6).
Novell solution was to install eDirectory 8.7.3 IR3 on the Netware
servers. Pro: NOWS shows up in tree, Cons: no one could log in until I
disabled NMAS. BUT, that version of eDirectory will not install in the DA2
machine (Netware 6.5).

Any ideas why NOWS SBE could not integrate into the tree? OR where might I
get or build a Netware SBE server virtual? (I just want a few users with
home folders and files, DHCP, and GroupWise so that I can migrate these
things to see how well it goes.)