Hi All

Hope you can help.

I have set contextless/treeless login up and i am getting some odd
results. If any new users log into the machine they receive an error:-
"Login Failed. Error Code 0xFFFFFDA7".

If i type in an incorrect username it then tells me that the user cannot
be found on the ldap server so i know the lookup is working. Also our
organisation name has a space in it so ive setup the Context source with
two different options ie:- O=Our Company and then O=Our_Company which is
sometimes needed.

When use the two options it gives us two results back (the same
user/context listed twice).

I believe it is the way ldap contextless login passes the information to the ZCM gina (maybe im getting ahead of myself!) because when i remove the zen agent contextless login works fine then i just need to login with a local account.

Obviously this is an issue if we use DLU (pure edirectory site) and not AD Domain accounts.

Any ideas on how to sort this?.

Environment:- Vista Client 1.0, Zenworks Pre-Agent doing DLU on the
workstation (works fine using non contextless, setting the context up manually from advanceed options).