We've all but finished our NW iprint to OES SP2 iprint migration (which will soon turn into an OES2 migration, ARG!), and are at the start of the server decommissioning phase. Before physically removing the old print servers, I want to verify that there aren't any stragglers out on my network that are still somehow using the old print agents.

I've got the old print agents all redirecting to the new agents on our new servers, so that should theoretically redirect the old to new. It also has done a good job for the most part of updating printers on users' workstations as well.

I have checked the Printer Agent Redirection tab in imanager, and while some agents haven't been used since the day after my migration, to my dismay I still see some agents that were used as recently as last week. I've also verified that a couple computers in my immediate vicinity still have old printers installed, so I know that it is a real issue here.

Does anyone have a method to find and report which ipp printers are installed on which computers on your network? I would rather go out and physically visit offices that haven't automatically changed than automate the process and mass delete the old printers from all workstations through Zen. I'm starting to look at ZAM, but so far haven't found a way to do a global report on which printers are installed on which computers.

-ben knorr
Westminster College