we are having a problem with the agent "logging in". The ZCM 10.0.01
software is running on SLES 10 and we are using edirectory as the user

We can browse the tree and see the users from ZCM however, when logging onto
a machine using the Novell client (4.91 sp3) the device logs authenticates
to edirectory but then presents the Zenworks Configuration Management
window - this errors when trying to log in with any user - I can see these
edirectory users in the tree (realm) via ZCM..

We have gone through TID 3273870 - but to no avail. The DNS entries seem
correct ie. workstations and clients can perform successful forward and
reverse lookups.

When installing we opted for the internal certificate option - we are not
sure where to go - we were wondering if anyone has setup ZCM 10.0.01 on
SLES10 with edirectory as a user source.

Another point which has confused us but may be a clue:

the iaRealms file according to JumpStart Notes Manual should be in the
following location

/etc/opt/novell/zenworks/share/ats/etc/svc/iaRealms.xml - the share
directory doesn't exist under the preceeding path.

Attached are some logs generated as a result of going through TID 327870,
any thoughts appreciated.