I've gone back to using WinFile for making copying files between volumes,
user's full profile for full backups,etc. as Explorer isn't too useful for
an administrator.

Yes, WinFile. As kludgy as it is, it doesn't puke during a file copy where
Explorer will say "Can't copy file, invalid file name or file path too
long". WinFile stops and waits for user input, then continues it's Merry
way. MUCH better than explorer for large file copies that go awry somewhere
in the midst of the copy.


What other decent file managers are out there that are actually worth using?
I could care less about looking at JPG's or BMP's, just something that
offers a more robust GUI-based file management tool that works as reliable
and as fast as WinFile w/o the Explorer headaches.

I have a Vista laptop (yes, I admitted that out loud) that has dual-boot to
SuSE. (Once I can figure out how to get the 1505n card to work under SuSE,
I'll be using this OS much more. Until then....). Given the Vista
installation, alternative file managers are a must as explorer hangs and
file copying procedures take far too long with the Explorer interface.
Heck, just copying 3MB of files from a USB dongle took over 4 min's on
Vista! No joke! I thought something was wrong with the USB key...popped it
into an XP box and the file copy procedure was darn near instantaenous using
Explorer to copy the data.