Okay, what did everyone get for Christmas?

I received a very nice and much-needed speaker set for my computer,
that is just perfect for me and how I use sound. I also received a USB
hub/card reader combo, as well as a Logitech wireless keyboard, mouse
and headset/microphone that I already love and don't know how I ever
lived without.

We also got to spend Christmas Eve with Vinnie's brother and family in
Los Altos, and Christmas day with his father in Napa. We got to drive
through San Francisco very early in the morning on Christmas Day, and
up through another area of wine country that I hadn't seen before.
There was no traffic at all, so it was like we had the city and
countryside to ourselves, and it was an absolutely beautiful and clear
day. Going over the Golden Gate bridge was gorgeous, and driving
through the back roads of Sonoma county was a very special treat. It
was just a perfect two days. : )

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