This thing is REALLY agitating me.... It was POORLY set up... It bearly
works and has a almost fully corrupted store...

But the downside is... That I wonder if the mailbox store would even
mount if it was dismounted. Only one way to find out!!!

(Where's my number for the Novell Philly rep???) Backup Exec backs the
stores sometimes, and I am getting Event ID: 7519 which says The
originating IP Addressfor message id could not be determined based on
its headers.

Well your first thought is that my firewall is b0rking my headers
somehow... Nope! Not at all... Then postini b0rking the headers? Nope. I
get this error on internal to internal email..... WTF Batman? Grrrrrrr.....

Where's my hammer?

Quote: Not now chief... I'm in the zone!!!!