We are having trouble with one of our workstations, hopefully the
collective wisdom out there can point me in the right direction. Here
is the setup/issue.

We have two Netware 6.5 SBS servers, one MAIN, the other BRANCH, both
patched up to SP7. There are about 15 users, all with Client 4.91 SP4.
The problem workstation is Windows XP Pro. That workstation previously
had Client 4.91 SP2 installed, and login with the Novell GUI was working
fine. When the login worked fine, the Windows login was with a
different password and user name than the Novell login.

The problems with the workstation began after applying some 20+ Windows
Update patches that had never been applied. After the patches were
applied, neither the Windows login nor the Novell GUI login appear. The
registry shows that the GINA is NWGINA.DLL, but NWGINA is not appearing.

When the problem workstation attempts to login through the big red N
icon on the system tray, the login attempts to login to both the MAIN
tree and to the BRANCH tree, even though the MAIN tree is clearly
showing as the preferred server and tree. The user does not exist in
the BRANCH tree, and when an attempt to cancel login to the BRANCH tree
is made, it takes about 12 attempts to kill the BRANCH tree login.
After killing these attempts, the login to the MAIN tree fails.
However, if we then go back to the big red N and attempt login again to
the MAIN tree, it logs in without a hitch and no attempt to login in the
BRANCH tree.

Questions - (1) how to I get the Windows and Novell GUI logins to come
up at system boot/startup and (2) if I can't get them to come up, how
can I get rid of the Novell Login trying to login to the BRANCH tree?

Chip Reinhardt