NCC competition - final round

This is the final round of the 2007 NCC competition. Like previous years, this last round will be based on the yearly stats. However this year, I included a new twist in the last round: The score will not just be based on how well you guess the correct stats, but also how close you are to the perceived stats. In other words, each answer you provide will give you 2 scores: one based on how close you are to the real stats, and one based on what the participants think might be the best answer.
For the real stats, the replies you give will be compared to the official yearly stats that Marcel will post some time next week once the competition is closed.
Note that this week can give you a lot of points. So even if you are behind, nothing is lost yet. Furthermore, the perceived stats may make it difficult for the "specialists" to get optimal replies for each question. Another difficulty for the "specialists" is that the server only has half a year worth of messages left. So its too late now to download all messages for 2007.

Now here are the questions:

1) Whats the number of messages posted in 2007 and not deleted shortly afterwards (e.g. the number of messages as reported in the stats). The person with the closest reply will get 15 points, the second one 14 points .... If 2 people give a reply that is equally close to the correct result, then the first to have replied will be considered closer.

1") I will calculate the average of all the replies given for question 1 and I will also award points based on how close people are to that value. Once again, it will be 15 points for the closest, 14 points for the second ...

2) What has been the busiest thread in 2007? Please give the full title of the root message of that thread. Just give one answer. I will award points on whether your answer is in the top 5 threads, 5 points if you got the busiest thread, 4 points if you got the second busiest

2) You will also get points for your answer in question 2 based on how popular your answer is. You will get as many points as there are people with your answer.

3) What person posted most root messages in 2007? Just like in question 2, points are awarded for an answer that is in the top 5.

3") Just like 2", you get points based on how popular your answer for question 3 was.

4) Who posted most messages in 2007 in NCC overall? Just like the previous 2 questions, you get points for a top 5 reply.

4") Just like previously, you get points based on how popular your answer for 4 was.

As always, send your replies only by email to
Only reply to questions 1,2,3,4. The scores for 1", 2", 3" and 4" will be based on your answers for 1,2,3 and 4.
You have one week to reply.
Good luck!