Holy buckets!!!!!

Hi Steve Danaher,

You came 36th in December's contest.

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in to see your league's results. Your answers were:

Name one of Santa's reindeer.

Name a number from 1 to 31 that represents a day in December.
25 [1st]

Name a colour associated with Christmas.
RED [1st]

Name a meat eaten for Christmas dinner.
HAM [2nd, 'TURKEY' was top]

Name the percentage of adults who will receive a cell/mobile phone for
50 [2nd, '25' was top]

Name a country associated with Christmas.
ISRAEL [2nd, 'USA' was top]

Name a gift brought by the wise men.
GOLD [1st]

Name an animal that begins with the letter R.

Name a misspelling of Christmas.
XMAS [1st]

Name the number of lights on a typical Christmas tree.
100 [1st]