I am not prone to ranting, but I just had a call from NTS and it has just
kind of set me off.

This whole move of NTS from Provo to India, or wherever the hell it is, has
to be one of the worst ideas they've ever had.

NTS has generally been one of their strong points, and I've always enjoyed
talking to them. The guys in Provo and Massachusetts haven't always known
the answer, but they've almost always found it, and frequently they've gone
above and beyond the call of duty.

I'm sorry to say those days seem to be on their way out. The guys in the
new and improved call center, don't seem to be able to understand me, and I
can barely grasp what they're saying to me. I spend more time trying to
decipher what they're trying to say than I do trying to fix the problem.
This last call I finally just closed because it was more work to try to get
help from them than it is for me to just find the answer myself. They're
barely past the script where they say "Hello, my name is Fill in the Blank"
and I've been doing this for 14 years. When I call it's not going to help
if I have to explain what the problem is, what the normal solution is, what
the product is, and yes I did in fact buy it from the company they're
ostensibly working for, and yes that company is called Novell and it is
indeed pronounced NO Vell.

I've talked to managers and VP's and Novell and they're toeing the party
line that "We want to grow that new group to be the equal of our Provo
group." I'm sorry but I don't want to be the one paying for their
gardening, while they jack up the prices on me and I don't get the help I

Sorry to spew all over the chat group guys, just frustrated.