The list of features of iFilter 3.6 is really exciting. I'd love to use it to share some files with my family and to backup some personal data.

I have a windows XP machine on which I installed iFolder, but the first thing it asks me is to set up an account and provide a server address. I thought I'd use the "workgroup sharing (peer-to-peer, or without a server)" (first paragraph of the FAQ). How can I do that?

While I was going through the help to find an answer for my previous question, I read the paragraph "3.1 Guidelines for the Location and Use of iFolders" where it is said "The iFolder must reside on a local hard drive; the location cannot be on a network drive or non-physical drive".
I have a NAS where I store my data (so I can have RAID and a lot of space). Does it mean I won't be able to use iFolder to synchronise my NAS with another computer? This seems a really strange and unexpected limitation, why is it the case?
Out of curiosity, I also wonder why "An iFolder cannot contain or reside in an applications folder such as the Program Files folder"