Just got an email from Novell's marketing arm, the title of the email is "US
Navy Exchange goes Virtualized".

My first thought was "Who cares if the US Navy puts MS Exchange on Virtual
servers!" and then I immediately thought "Novell must be touting the fact
they used XEN on Linux to virtualize their MS Exchange system?"

Well, I was right about them using Xen and touting Linux. I was wrong about
them using MS Exchange.

It would be nice if headlines didn't use words that matched competitors
products. You dont' see Microsoft sending out emails saying "Company ABC
Groupwise chooses MS Virtual Server". Where Groupwise is the name of the
division of Company ABC.

Just confusing for those of us who aren't/weren't familiar with the US Navy
Exchange (NEXCOM).

Reminds me of the OS/2 ad campaign for OS/2 Warp "OS/2, it obliterates your