I am in the process of upgrading my Netware 6.5 tree to OES2 Linux. We
purchased the Open Workgroup Suite.

Zen 10 is different than Zen 6.5. The product names have changed (again).
We basically only use Zen for:

1) distribute Zen application objects (I understand this is very differnt)
2) distribute group policy
3) Imaging

We currently run File, Iprint and Zen on one server (a quad core Dell 2950
with 4 Gig RAM), Groupwise on a second server. We have 140 users.

My questions:

Can I install Zen 10 on my current OES2 server that has file and print. Or
do I REALLY need to install it on a third server?

What is the new name for the application launcher? I think it is Zenwork
Configuration Management.

Phil J

ZENworks 10 Configuration Management