Firstly - anyone know why I can't see this NG in t-bird? I prefer NNTP

Second - the problem to hand.

I've installed the server, pretty much default everything. I can get the
console. Tried LDAP and IP discovery. LDAP finds nothing. IP discovery
finds plenty, but it all comes up "Unknown OS" and none winds up in the
device folders, and going to the folder is the first step of imaging ...

Ok. I set up the machine for imaging. Go to <server ip>/zenworks-setup
click on the link to the applicable pre-agent I guess I need to install.
Get a 404 error. Can't find any way on the server to configure apache, it
seems to be well hidden.

Ok, I copy the install files and then install the agent. It's running on
the workstation, I checked. Now I go set up a task to detect the one
machine by IP. Give it the windows admin name and password for credentials.

That gives:

Invalid credentials Windows Scan
No credentials found SSH
No information found ZENworks Ping

So, this begs the question. What do I need to do to make this work? <g>
I've been following the steps provided and I'm pretty sure I've done
what's needed, at least on this one machine that I want to image.


Ken McLeod
The Delphian School