I am currently testing zcm 10 in a windows only environment. At the moment we are moving from Netware to ms (cant help it). But we will be using zcm to manage the workstations.

Our ms forest exists of a domain with 2 child domains (Students and personnel). Every child domain is a configured as a user source in zcm.
When I login to my vista test station it pops up with the zcm logon screen it looks like I have to choose a Realm (User source). When I remove one of the user source in zcm I dont have to choose a Realm and we have a single logon. This is what we need!

Novell documentations says:
"The ZENworks Adaptive Agent integrates with the Windows Login or Novell Login client to provide a single login experience for users. When users enter their eDirectory or Active Directory credentials in the Windows or Novell client, they are logged in to the Management Zone if the credentials match the ones in a ZENworks user source."

So when I have more than one user source the client always pops up with the zcm logon screen the first time a user logs in?

Greetings Jorrit