Where to start...

1.Lynn (my oldest, 9) was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in August.
They won’t let her carry her glucose tester with her and now they are
giving me **** because she has glucose tabs (sugar pills) in her

2.Jo (my youngest, 2) has been sick with an assortment of viruses for
the last month. (Got puked on 5 times on Sunday.)

3.Virus Software is woefully out of date so we got a worm on the
network the week before the holidays.

4.Windows updates are also woefully out of data also contributing to
the worm issue.

5.Exchange 2007 implementations still in progress (on hold due to above

6.File server implementation still in progress (again, due to the above

7.Endless user calls about this, that and the other.










17.Inventory is not up to date (due to Exchange implementation project)

18.A list as long as my arm of some messed up error message only SOME
users are getting after the virus software IS updated.

19.IMAP not working on new Exchange server so people with IPhones can’t
get access if they are on the new server.

20.An apparent memory leak in the new Exchange server that requires a
reboot about once every 2 weeks. MS is saying it's working by design
(duh, its Microsoft after all)it eats up all the memory the gives it
back as other things need it, only problem...it won't give it back!

No hope in site that anything is going to get any better because in a
month we start a new lease renew, 30 more PCs to roll out and 2 new
servers. And boss has his head in the clouds thinking everything is
GREAT! Well the worm did wake him up a bit, but he still does not see
the need to hire me help. In the meanwhile, I am not doing anything
proactively just reacting to problems as they come up. Have not check
error logs in god knows how long and I have 9 servers that I have no
idea what state they are in until they go down.

Ok, now I have to call another property and start updating virus

"Moldy mildew, mother of mouthmuck, dangle and strangle to death." She