Resubmission: is no one having this problem?

I am having a problem with Vista and NW6.5sp7 iPrint. When I try to
print using IE7 with protected mode on, iPrint fails to print and the
document status says "Creation failed". The problem occurs even if the
user is in the Administrator group. If I turn off IE7's protected mode, I
can print fine. All other applications print fine so it is IE's protected
I have already given "Full Control" to the Everyone group to c:temp and
c:ndps. I have also run the "icacls" command line utility on c:temp and
c:ndps to change the security to "low".
The other thing to note is that the ippErrs.txt file contains the
following continuous error:

Module: iprntctl.exe
Trace info: ippmain.c, line 16796, thread 00001140
Routine: CheckSpoolerRunning - OpenService (Spooler) failed 5
Error: Access is denied.

Does anyone have a solution other than turning off IE7's protected
mode? This is a pain because it keeps reminding you every time you run

Bernie Flinn