Well we are testing it now in a mixed enviroment of Windows AD and NW eDir.
We have the same problem. When a user logs in with a novell client, they get
two log in dialogs. I have done more digging and it appears to be a profile
issue. If the user has a local profile stored on the workstation, then they
don't get the second login. If they do not have a local profile stored on
the workstation, then the second "impossible" login pops up and no matter
what they try, they can't log in.

Additionally, I am having a heck of a time getting to see the users of the
AD in the ZCM management web. I can create a link to our AD and it appears
to "connect" not using SSL but when I try to see the users to assign a
policy, no luck, an error comes up stating "Failed to query the user source
because of a failed referral....most likely due to a DNS not being
configured correctly"

Well I have gone through both of my DNS's with a fine tooth comb. From the
Zen server (win2003) I can reslove and NS lookup everything, and from our AD
servers I can do the same.

I hope 10.0.2 comes out soon and that it "Fixes" the bugs. This 10.0.0 and
10.0.1 reminds me very much of another companies practice of rolling out a
product too early in development.