Okay, here's the scenario:

We have a lot of users that have decided that they want to connect to
"public" internet (ie, Verizon Broadband card).

Then they have decided that they want to be able to run "local" apps
(ie, stuff on their laptops) and print to printers on OUR network.

I know this is technically feasible, but I'm curious as to how others
are doing it?

I know at ONE point in time, Novell had their printers exposed directly
to the internet with public IPP printing (so if you happened to know
what it was you could print stuff there and be a "bad" person if you
wanted to).

Obviously that's not how i would set something up.

A few things come to mind:

Some form of secured IPP printing

I think there's also some third party things where you can "print" to
them and they print/fax/whatever for you (like if you're at a hotel and
need to print something but there's no printer around).