Hi all.

Muy office is currently running three netware servers, two on Netware
SBS 6.0 sp5 and one Netware 4.11 SP9. One of the 6.0 servers hosts GW
6.0 SP4.

We are considering the upgrade to NOWS SBE for the two 6.0 servers. I
have tried to find a comparison chart on Novell's site but have not had
any luck :(

What advantages would the NOWS edition offer us over the SBE that would
justify the increased cost?

I understand the the SBE edition is Linux only. Some specific questions
I have:

1. Will I be able to use NDPS for my printers or have to use cups?
2. Does the SBE have a webaccess component, which we use regularly?
3. Will SBe support raid 1?
4. I read that I should upgrade GW to version 7 before migrating to SBE.
Is this necessary and if so, does the software include a separate
install for GW 7 so that I can do this first?
5. Does the SBE GW component allow adding on the mobile software
(Intellisync based) for mobile devices?

Thanks in advance for any information anyone can provide.
Scott Schaffer

Scott Schaffer
Olive Waller Zinkhan & Waller