Hi all,

So we have a lot of virus, trojan and spyware infested laptops that need
to print to our unsecured network. Obviously these laptops do not have the
Novell Client or ZENworks agent installed and have no access to the
network other than some webbased services such as iPrint. I have been
scrolling through the documentation and this forum but I can't seem to
find a way to manipulate the iPrint client that users can download from
the IPP page. I have seen the "iPrint Client Management" link in iManager,
but as I understand these settings are only applied when a user logs in
using the Novell Client, right? I know I can edit "Install iPrint Client"
link on the HTML page but that means I would have to push the install with
some command line options. Is that possible, I haven't seen anything on
that issue in the documentation either.

For example, I would like disable the local storage of passwords for
obvious reasons. Anyone who can shed a light?

Any help mucho appreciated.