I have installed NOWS-SBE at least 6 times and maybe more, virtualised and hardware based.
Many issues have arisen including:
- Grub
- LUM objects missing (critical)
- iManager not working (immediatley after install)
- Renaming of the Samba server in smb.conf
- Samba PDC not configuring correctly.

After burning around two days worth of time, I give up on this NOWS-SBE for now, until such time a major service pack is released for it. As I have used OES1 and OES2 and not experienced issues like this I believe the cause of the problem stems from Simba.

Can NOWS-SBE be easily used without using Simba?
Maybe by just simply installing OES1 SP2 and Groupwise 7.0?
Would this be OK under the license agreement?
Has anyone else used NOWS-SBE without Simba?