I have been running Zen7 for a little bit now and we use USB keys to boot the machines instead of bootcd's or PXE. The version on the USB keys is Zen7 but we just upgraded the server to ZCM10. I can use the USB key to connect to the ZCM server and pull them images off without a problem, the problem lies with the Image Safe Data. Now I must admit I have never messed with this before (not knowing how important it was to use unique SID's) but am trying to get it work now but don't fully understand the process.
The Image Safe Data is not getting transferred to the new machines which is causing ZCM to give the re-imaged machine a new GUID each time.
Is it not working because I am using 2 different versions of Zen??
If I boot with a ZCM cd or the imaging partition and do a: img i z I can see the data. If I do the same booting with the memory key everything is "not found" which I understand because it is an older version.

Now one of my questions is what writes the Image Safe Data to the REG, I thought it was the Agent installed on the machine (which is ZCM10)?? Should it matter what I am booting with??

I just want to make sure I understand it before I waste my time trying to get it to work and it is not possible with the 2 different versions.


Scott Windmiller
University of Maryland
Department of Psychiatry
Information Systems