Hi Everyone,

I am having an issue with my user accounts (Linux only)keeping an active
connection with my OES 2 SLES 10 server. I have a user log in to a SLED 10
SP1 workstation using the Novell Client for Linux 2.0. This logs the user
into my OES 2 SLES 10 server. I then have the user log out of the client.
When I go to manage connections in remote manager, the user is still
showed as being logged in. I then mark the connection and click on "Clear
ALL marked connections". When the screen refreshes, the connection has not
been cleared. I have tried clearing the connection manually on the server,
but still can not remove the connection. My user accounts keep running out
of connections and I am forced to increase their simultaneous logins.

Any help would be appreciated.


Sam Ludington