Maybe someone can help me out with a couple of issues. The first issue is a NAT issue. We have two separate internal networks separated by a firewall. I can get to the Zen Control Center and even kind of get a workstation registered from the side behind the firewall. However, ZCC does not show a user logged in nor will it show me any bundles or polcies. The readme file says that it is a problem and that I have to map the NAT'd address to the domain to work correctly. Does that mean change the DNS entry for the internal address of the server to the NAT'd one? Why can't it just use DNS instead of IP to distribute policies and bundles.

OK, next question. We can get the initial install of the adaptive client to work great. Where we run into problems is if we reimage a workstation. The workstation will not re register without us doing a manual registration even if we remove the workstation from the control center. Do I have to uninstall the client before re-imaging? Uninstalling seems like a useless thing to do for a simple re-image. Shouldn't ZCM be able to say I found this workstation already in the database but the guid changed. Let me just update what is there instead of not working at all.

Thanks for any help.

Dave Flax