Using ZCM10.0.1 single windows2003 server.

Since a few days now, I cannot create packages anymore. All my new contents
stay unavailable ("non disponible" in french), the upload works without errors.
I ckecked zcc.log and the only entry about content is (multiple times) :

ContentStatus........62 :Current replication mode set to: REPLICATION_ALL_SERVERS

But these line were also there when it worked. It seems that the problem
started after my trial period expired, I entered my key, and the license
is ok now. Rebooted the server several times, some contents where made available,
but mostly these with only a few files. Does anybody now how to monitor/log
what is going on ?
My licensing issue caused me another problem, my user source stopped to work,
I recreated it to fix it. Is there a way to reset/reinitialize my contents
without loosing it ?