Hello all,
I have the following issue in iManager : when I click on "Jobs" in
"Printer Control" tab for a printer object, I have the following error
message : "Error on page"/"Done with Error" in the left down corner of
my Internet Explorer (v6.0)
If I double click on the error message, I have either "Expected ')'" or
"Object Expected" in the error description window.

What surprise me is the fact that it occurs only on printers from one of
our four NDPSM. (This is why I didn't post on the imanager forum) Those
NDPSM are in cluster mode and regularly migrate from one node to the
other node (8 in total).

iManager version is 2.7 (but the problem already occurs on 2.6)
NDPSM is version 3.02
Netware server 6.5 SP6
eDir is version SMP