Hello all,

I'm having a bit of a problem with our campus setup that I was hoping
someone would have some ideas about.

We have two domain controllers (lets call them dc01.ad.myschool.com and
dc02.ad.myschool.com) which are load-ballanced behind a generic name
(lets call it ad.myschool.com). When user login, windows authenticate
to ad.myschool.com without issue. The problem is with the Zenworks
client - it hit or miss on if it can do passthrough authentication.
The problems stems from each server having their own SSL certificate.
If the same domain controller as our user source in ZCM is used,
pass-through authentication works fine. If the other domain controller
is used, it fails.

For the time being i've just setup the user source to use one domain
controller which is working fine. I would like to be able to use the
generic name so if one controller goes down, we are still in business.
I tried adding a second user source for the second domain controller but
it woudln't let me as the context under hte User Containers had already
been added.

Does anyone have any suggestions/ideas on how to make this type of a
setup work reliably?