There are 6 classroom with totally 350 computers, each of computers have
2~3 boot partition for XP client1 and XP client2 (They can boot XP1 for
class 1 and XP2 for class 2:)
Requirement, Recover each classroom machine image by request at night
without attendant.

1.Should we locate 6 ZCM primary servers at each classroom?
2.Each XP client need install agent for management?
3.Single client have 2 XP with same host name and same IP but different
booting time, Will this confuse ZCM?
4. How to do restore image to particular partition ? I know may can do by
script but no ideals for detail step.
5. Any log message for restore image status? failed, success, network
6. Any other suggestion for this project?

Thanks in advance for your help.