I have been dealing with this problem for days without success, help..~

I am trying to use the printers of my universities with my WinXP
laptop(through wireless connection)

Installation of Novell Client and printer attachment is successful.
Test page printed properly.

However, whenever I try to print larger files, the spooling is interupted
with an "write fault" error.

"writeprinter failed for \NDPS02, libError = 3700004 othererror = 0"
which should mean RPC send/recieve failure.

The problem can be solved by connecting with wired network instead of
wireless network.

Testing of wireless connection with ping reveals occasional packet
loss(about 1 in 20 or so). Thus I suspected the unreliable wireless
connection should have caused the probelm.

I guess the solution would be to increase the "tolerance" of printer
connection by increasing timeout/retry times, but I dunno how.

Could anyone please help?