So, our cat just loves me, right? Joe says he's "in love" with me. Wants
to be right on top of me, gives me kisses, touches my face with his paws.
The other day James was on the bed with me, holding the cat, and the cat
wasn't content until he could just put his paws on my arm so he could touch
me, even though he was getting a good scratch from James.

And then out of the blue he will just go nuts, start chasing my ankle,
trying to bite me. Last night he bit me really hard on my hand! We checked
food, water, cat box - all was just fine. He does this maybe once a week or
so, but usually it's just chasing ankles, and if we kick him out of the room
for awhile he's fine - but he really bit me hard

And now today he's sitting next to me with his paw gently touching my arm