Perhaps someone can help me with this problem or confirm that it is a problem.
I am having problems imaging machines with Vista Enterprise when the Adaptive Agent (10.0.1) is included in the image. I can successfully create and deploy Vista images without the Adaptive Agent.

To narrow down the problem, I created Vista image without any other software or Windows Updates installed. Just the OS. I then run Sysprep /generalize /oobe and upload the image. I can then deploy this image to different hardware without any problems. On reboot, the pc runs through the Windows setup process and loads to the desktop.

When I repeat this procedure adding the Adaptive Agent to the image, the Windows setup process fails with the following error: "Windows setup could not configure Windows to run on this computer's hardware".

The only difference between the image that installs correctly and the one that bombs is the installation of the Adaptive Agent. I am not using a custom unattend.xml file in either case. If I drop the image with the Agent on the same machine I used to create it I still get this error. Looking at the windows setup logs, the process seems to die in the Specialize phase.

Any ideas?