We're running iPrint on Netware 6.5 sp6 with Windows XP2 SP2 clients, and are experiencing *major* problems with AllowUserPrinterMode=2, i.e. iPrint user printers. It takes forever to open emails in Eudora or Pegasus, Word times out waiting for printers etc. Sometimes clicking a formatting icon in Excel leads to a 20 second delay...

Neither an upgrade to iPrint client 432 nor Microsoft KB 88497 and 893225 has solved the problems.

As a last resort (?) we now plan to switch to AllowUserPrinterMode=3 which, together with a cleanout and a reinstall of all iPrint printers, we hope will solve the problem (I have noted previous posts mentioning the problems with iPrint user printers in Windows).

I guess a restart of the iPrint service after the edit in iprint.ini would change the default to Workstation, and then an iprntcmd batch file with -d and -a would change the printers. Or should we use a ZEN user policy to remove all the printers and a workstation policy to add them?

But are there caveats? Has anybody done this and had negative experiences?


Peter Knutar
IT Manager
Dept. of Government,
Uppsala university