we want to use Zen for managing our IT-classrooms. For deployment of OS
and Standardsoftware we use imagex (syspreped Win XP)...
Now I think about integrating the Zen-Agent in this image. But my question
is what happend when we deploy the image.
While the sysprepprocess, the hostname will be changed to the specific
hostname of the current client.
But what happend with the agent? Have we change him also? And is it
possible to preinsert the hostname of the classroom in the configuration
server? So when the client at the first time, he automaticly slides in the
right group...

I mean, can we create the clients p.e. class123_01 to class123_22 in the
subfolder workstation/class123 before the clients come online the first
time? And what we have to do when we have installed the agent on the
client class123_image and then deploy it to the clients 01 to 22?

Thanks for your help...