I have set up ZENCM (Zen10) and are looking at using this with our migration
from eDirectory to Active Directory. We have noticed over the last couple of
weeks, that the policies don't apply each time when a user logs in.

We have seen this occur not only on policies, but on bundles. It may take
3-4 relogins for the policies and/or bundles to take effect.

That includes changing the version numbers (increment). I have been working
on a bundle to push out the latest JAVA. I created a bundle that copies the
full installer to the workstation. Then does the install. After each "Tweak"
I change the version number. If I then login to a user on the test
workstation, the zenworks agent shows the bundle but it has a version that
is one or two versions older. It takes SEVERAL log off and log ons to update

Does anyone know of a way to FORCE the policies and bundles to apply with
every login?? That is, if a workstation if supposed to get a bundle, then it
does. And everytime a user logs in, they get the policies that they are
supposed to applied?

Last night I had to do manual update to 10.0.2. We still have the same

I can't have users logging in and having full access to their C drives, the
network, The Run Command, and heaven forbid....thier desktop settings...that
just won't do.