Sometimes I get real irritated w/ TPTB here.

One commissioner is a business owner that sells printers, copiers,
faxes, etc. Would think a conflict of interest, right? Oh noooooooo,
he pushes his products on depts here, telling them the HP printers
we've been using for years are pieces of junk.

Got a call from a dept, their copier/fax/scanner would not send or
receive faxes. Above mentioned commissioner (being a businessman
today) told them it was *not* the fax, but the phone line.

They call me, I take an analog phone up there, unplug phone cable from
fax, plug it in the phone and voila! Dial tone, make a call, you name
it. I tell them to call this guy back and get the fax fixed, and also
mentioned that he doens't know **** about some of this stuff and should
just keep his ****ing mouth closed if he doesn't know. Warned my boss
too, that he might end up hearing something about this.

Just had to let that out. I know it's not going to score well as a
rant, but was just venting, not looking for rant points. <G>